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trout lake township assessor


Trout Lake Township Assessor 


Jessica Mowery, MAAO
P.O. Box 5161
Kincheloe, MI 49788

Contact Infomation

General Responsibilities

The Assessor is responsible for the overall direction and management of Township’s property appraisal program. Oversees the identification, does the inventory, determines the market value and calculates the assessed valuation for all Township properties in accordance with the State Tax Commission regulations, methodology and procedures to ensure fair and equitable assessments. Maintains accurate Homestead and property transfer information in compliance with applicable State laws.

Public Act 660 of 2018, Property Assessing Reform - Published Policy 

Public Act 660 of 2018, was approved by Governor Snyder on December 28, 2018, and amended the General Property Tax Act to provide a statutory framework to ensure proper assessing in order to guarantee the highest quality assessments for taxpayers as well as local units. The Property Assessing Reform Act defines the requirements for substantial compliance with the General Property Tax Act, provides timelines for audits and follow-up audits, and details a process for bringing a local unit into compliance if they remain non-compliant after a follow-up review. 

PA 660 contains several requirements in statute (MCL 211.10g (1)) that local units and assessors must follow. Local units are required to ensure that all requirements are being met beginning in the 2022 tax year. Subject to state tax commission guidelines the local unit is required to publish a policy under which its assessor's office is reasonably accessible to taxpayers. 

1.    The Trout Lake Township Assessor’s Office published policy is as follows

Assessor of Record:    Jessica Mowery, MAAO   

Telephone Number:  (906) 322-6601  

Electronic Mail Address:

*Additionally, Trout Lake Township Assessor’s contact information is provided on the Trout Lake Township Assessing Department’s webpage

2.    The Trout Lake Township Assessor’s Office estimates a response time for taxpayer inquiries not to exceed 7 business days from the date of inquiry. If the inquiry requires a FOIA, it will be requested to file the inquiry with the Trout Lake Township Clerk’s Office.

3.    A taxpayer may schedule a meeting with the Assessor for the purpose of discussing an inquiry in-person by calling (906) 322-6601 or by emailing

4.    A taxpayer may request for inspection or production of records maintained by the Assessing Department may be made by calling (906) 322-6601 or by emailing A Freedom of Information Act request may be required. Assessment information can also be obtained and is available on the Trout Lake Township website:

5.    Taxpayers may have their assessment reviewed by the Township’s Assessor’s Office at any time to informally hear and resolve disputes brought by taxpayers before the March meeting of the Board of Review. The assessment process is an annual process and information is gathered and assembled throughout the year to make changes for the following year. The Assessor has no jurisdiction to change an assessment for the current year. Any changes after Tax Day (December 31st of the prior year) must be made by the Board of Review before their last scheduled meeting in March.

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